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888poker’s Gift Showers Promo Underway

888poker is in the midst of a holiday-themed promotion with one of my favorite names ever, even if it is a little wordy: Gift Showers $ 800,000 Season of Giving Promotion. I’m just imagining my childhood self, cackling with glee as presents rain down on me, each one a mystery, possibly containing that thing that would make my wildest dreams come true. Now, 888’s promo isn’t exactly like this, but for those who play poker on the site, it’s a cheap and easy way to try to win prizes until the day after Christmas.

888 is hosting three different types of tournaments during the Gift Showers promotion:

All-In Gift Tournament – every day at 20:20 GMT through December 26th
$ 2,000 Lucky Star Tournament – every day at 01:05, 11:05, and 18:05 GMT through December 26th
$ 6,500 Starburst Tournament – every Sunday at 20:35 GMT through December 25th

The All-In Gift Tournament is another one of these tourneys we’re seeing more and more of in which all players have to do is register; showing up is optional. The software just puts everyone all-in pre-flop automatically until someone wins. For Gift Shower, the All-In Gift Tournament doesn’t award cash prizes. As the name implies, “gifts” are the reward. Here is a breakdown of the prize allocation:

Iphone 7 – 1st Place
GoPro Hero 5 Black – 2nd place
PlayStation 4 Slim – 3rd place
888poker Hoodie – 4th through 13th place
888poker Knitted Hat – 14th through 33rd place
888poker Cards – 34th through 53rd place
$ 5 CIP FreePlay voucher – 54th through 143rd place
$ 1 BLAST Ticket – 144th through 583rd place
$ 2,000 Lucky Star tournament ticket – 584th through 5000th place

In order to participate, players need entry tickets; everybody gets one for the All-In Gift Tournament and one for the $ 2,000 Lucky Star Tournament just for being a real money 888 customer. Up to three more tickets can also be earned for the All-In Gift Tournament each day (I guess it’s a multi-entry tourney) by doing the following:

•    Play five or more BLAST tournaments with a minimum buy-in of $ 1
•    Play in tournaments or Sit-and-Go’s (not counting BLAST or heads-up) with total buy-ins of at least $ 4
•    Win 15 hands at the real money cash game tables with stakes of $ 0.02/$ 0.05 or higher

The only minor catch to the above is that in order to be eligible to earn those extra tickets, players must have played in the All-In Gift Tournament or $ 2,000 Lucky Star Tournament at least once. Since everyone gets one free ticket for each, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Tickets for the weekly $ 6,500 Starburst Tournament can be earned by completing a weekly mission, revealed in a Sunday e-mail. For that tournament, $ 5,000 of the prize pool is cash, while the rest is awarded to the winner in the form of a Bebop drone, a Sky controller and a Galaxy tablet.

Additional chances at tickets for the tourneys, plus other tournament tickets and free plays in the casino and sportsbook, are available via a Star Spin game. Everyone who has deposited at least once on 888 can spin up to two times per day, once on the desktop client and once on the mobile app.

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