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888Poker Running Promos in Conjunction with BLAST Poker Launch

With the launch of BLAST Poker this week, 888Poker has also initiated some promotions to go along with its new Lottery Sit & Go variant. Through September 19th, 888Poker is running daily freeroll tournaments to celebrate BLAST, giving players a chance to win cash prizes and BLAST Poker tickets.

There are two types of daily freerolls during the promotional period:

$ 3,000 Big Bang Tournament – twice daily at 13:05 and 23:05 GMT – awards cash prizes
$ 5,000 Blast Off Tournament – once daily at 18:05 GM – awards BLAST tournament tickets

Every 888Poker players has been automatically given four free tickets for those tournaments (it is not exactly clear if it is two tickets for each type of freeroll or if all four tickets can be used in either), but players can win additional tickets. Any player who has made a real money deposit is eligible to complete 888Poker Club challenges; complete a challenge and win a $ 3,000 Big Bang Tournament ticket. Anyone who wins a BLAST Poker Sit & Go will receive a $ 5,000 Blast Off Tournament ticket.

With the latter, it sounds like someone could end up in an endless cycle of BLAST ticket winning. Picture this scenario: win a BLAST Poker game for a Blast Off Tourney ticket, do well enough in the Blast Off Tourney to win a BLAST Poker ticket, use that ticket to win a BLAST Poker Sit & Go which awards another Blast Off Tourney ticket, and so and so forth until the Earth is swallowed up by the sun.

There are also weekly $ 10,000 Lightning Bolt tournaments. Players can gain entry into these through a daily Lightning Spin. Said Lightning Spin gives players a chance to win any one of the following:

• $ 3,000 Big Bang Tournament ticket
• $ 5,000 Blast off Tournament ticket
• $ 10,000 Lightning Bolt Tournament ticket
• $ 1 BLAST Tournament ticket
• $ 5 BLAST Tournament ticket
• $ 0.10 BLAST Tournament ticket
• $ 3 Sports Free Bets
• $ 5 Casino FreePlay

As the handful of you who read my article yesterday may remember, BLAST Poker is 888Poker’s new Lottery Sit & Go. BLAST Poker games are four-handed, rather than the usual three-handed Lottery Sit & Go’s that most poker room’s offer, but the main difference between these games and others is that BLAST Poker games actually have a time limit. After a pre-determined amount of time, if the game has not ended, all remaining players will be put all-in pre-flop until there is a winner.

The time limit is determine by the value of the prize pool multiplier – the smaller the multiplier, the shorter the game. The blind levels are two minutes each and here is what the time limits will look like:

2x and 5x multipliers: three blind levels or six minutes max
10x multiplier: four blind levels or eight minutes max
100x multiplier: five blind levels or ten minutes max
1,000x and 10,000x multipliers: six blind levels or twelve minutes max

The conclusion with BLAST Poker is then, obviously, “2x multipliers? Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

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