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Archive for July 20th, 2016

Fedor Holz Uses Outstanding Summer Run to Capture POY Leads

After a two-month span that saw him earn almost $ 10 million, Germany’s Fedor Holz has emerged from the orgy of poker in Las Vegas as the overall leader of the two major Player of the Year leaderboards in the industry. Holz’s play has simply been mind-boggling since Memorial Day in the United States. Coming over from Germany with the object of playing as many events as possible (between the World Series of Poker, Poker Central’s Super High Roller Bowl and an assortment of High Roller events at Aria), Holz could easily say he had a little bit of good fortune on his way to the midpoint of July. Not only was Holz the runner-up at the Super High Roller Bowl (for a $ 3.5 million payday), he won three of the various Aria High Roller (either $ 50,000 or $ 25,000) tournaments to the tune of $ 1.3 million.

PokerStars Changes Cash Game Rules, Multiple All-in Players Must Show Hole Cards

Late last week, PokerStars pushed through an update to its software and in the process removed a cash game feature that likely was not even something a lot of players were fully aware of: the ability to choose whether or not one wants to show their hole cards when two or more players are all-in. Now, whenever an all-in situation like that arises, the software will automatically flip over the hole cards of everyone who is all-in (or has called an all-in, as the case may be). Those of us who play or watch poker tournaments are used to the dramatic all-in situations where the hole cards are turned over for everyone to see. Online, we have a second or two of tension before the computer shows us what our opponent has, before we know if we have a chance or not. On television, the dealer deftly positions the players’