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Budget Impasse Delaying Final Passage of Online Gaming/Poker Legislation in Pennsylvania

After a much hyped spending bill was passed through the Pennsylvania General Assembly – one that included regulations for online gaming and poker as a part of the budget – the bill has yet to be signed by Governor Tom Wolf. Why is that? It comes down to the crux of what holds up many things in government – money and politics. Since June 30, when the General Assembly passed a $ 31 billion budget for the Keystone State, that bill has languished on the desk of Wolf and has yet to be enacted. That is because the bill, which put through spending plans for every facet of the state’s operations, for some reason didn’t pass the actual way that the state would derive the funds to pay for the budget. In essence, Pennsylvania legislators said “we have passed a budget, but our checking account is empty so we can’t

PokerHost Review

PokerHost is a journeyman online poker room.  It is currently on the Winning Poker Network.  It launched on Dobrosoft in 2004.  It eventually moved to Microgaming, then to Cake, next Merge Gaming, before it reached to the Equity Poker Network.  That is where it is today. Some of its moves were forced, for example Merge Gaming pushed all of its skins out of the network.  Others were voluntary while the site looked for U.S. friendly networks.  SBG Global is the parent company of PokerHost. A Personal Opinion of PokerHost What I like about PokerHost – The games at PokerHost are above average.  The first deposit bonus clears at a decent rate.  There are unlimited reload bonuses. Its player rewards and tournament schedule are perks.  PokerHost pays players quickly. What I don’t like about PokerHost – The traffic at PokerHost is below average.  Players looking for limits higher than $ .50/$