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Oklahoma Indian Tribe Earns Legal Right to Operate Online Poker Site

The battle regarding the regulation of online poker in the United States has grinded to a halt. Since three states passed laws regulating the industry in 2013, there has been little to no action since then towards more states joining in the party (2016? Let’s talk that over tomorrow…). Now a small Indian tribe in the middle of the country seems to have done something that state legislatures have been unwilling to do since 2013. After a decision in U. S. District Court in Oklahoma City, the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma has won the right to be able to offer online poker to customers on an international basis. The Iowa Tribe is looking to have their website,, up and running in early 2016 with all the amenities that online poker fans have previously enjoyed (full casino gaming would come at a later date). Perhaps the biggest caveat of all

Illinois, DraftKings Face-Off Sped Up

Last Wednesday, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan proclaimed that daily fantasy sports (DFS) are illegal under current state law and while she did not take immediate action against any sites, namely DFS industry leaders DraftKings and FanDuel, she did tell them that she expected them to leave the market posthaste. Both sites announced their intentions to fight the ruling – after all, they don’t want to lose the fourth largest DFS market in the U.S. and possibly start the domino effect of losing more states – and filed complaints against Madigan. It looked like it was going to be a long, legal slog. It still might be, but on Monday, Cook County (IL) Circuit Court Judge David B. Atkins ordered that DraftKings’ complaint will be heard on an expedited schedule. Both DraftKings and Madigan’s office have agreed to the accelerated schedule, which mandates that Madigan file a response to DraftKings’

888poker Ad Campaign Targeting Recreational Players

It has been a long time since we saw any online poker commercials here in the United States. Those of you who have been around poker for at least a decade may remember the awful “bad poker face” PartyPoker commercials (perhaps better known as the “OOOOOOHHHH PARTYPOKER!” ads). And of course, before Black Friday, we had some decent, humorous Full Tilt spots with the sites many star players. But now, not so much, for obvious reasons. But in the United Kingdom, it is a different story. Recently, 888poker launched a new ad campaign in the UK that continues the now multi-year trend of targeting recreational players. Rather than showing a hardened, calculating professional player conducting mental gymnastics and looking serious behind mirrored shades, the “Live the Game” campaign conveys a more silly, fun approach to the game of poker. In an eGaming Review piece, 888 PR and Marketing Director Sivan

APPT Macau Millions and Macau Poker Cup 24 Schedules Released

We are in a bit of a holiday lull right now when it comes to major live poker tournaments (though that doesn’t differ much from the lull most people are in at this time of year – how long does each work day this week feel?), but once the calendar page turns, it is off to the races once again. One of the first live poker tours that will step to the plate is the PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT). Today, PokerStars released the schedules for the first and third stops on the tour: the Macau Millions and the Macau Poker Cup 24. The Macau Millions kicks off Friday, January 8th with the first of nine events and will run through January 18th. The Main Event, which begins Thursday, January 14th, has a HK $ 3,000 buy-in (approximately USD $ 387) and a HK $ 3,000,000 (USD $ 387,093)

New Jersey Lawmakers Pondering Casino Expansion

New Jersey casinos outside of Atlantic City are unthinkable, aren’t they? Maybe not. According to an Associated Press article, state lawmakers are currently trying to put together a plan to make exactly this happen. State Senator Ray Lesniak, perhaps the biggest supporter of online poker in the entire state, and State Senator Joseph Kyrillos urged their fellow elected officials last week to settle on one plan to present to voters. There are currently two competing measures, one in the Senate and one in the Assembly, and the main holdup seems to be which one to move forward. They are essentially the same plan, authorizing two casinos outside of Atlantic City: one at the Meadowlands Racetrack in East Rutherford and one in Jersey City, both in northern New Jersey. The two casinos are required to be at least 75 miles away from Atlantic City; both of these locations are well outside