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Former Poker Professional Alex Jacob Captures Jeopardy Tournament of Champions Title

When he was on the popular television show earlier this year, he captured the attention of the poker community and the game show world with his talents. Now, after a two-week tournament, former poker professional Alex Jacob can lay claim to the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions title. Jacob never seemed to be challenged during the run up to the Championship Match. In the quarterfinals and semifinals, he smoothly walked through the opposition. In fact, in his quarterfinal match last week, Jacob couldn’t be caught in winning that stage, holding $ 26,800 to his opponents’ $ 10,200 and $ 8400 to render Final Jeopardy a moot point. On Friday, Jacob was able to easily outlast his two competitors, Matt Jackson (who would eventually finish in second place) and Kerry Greene (third). Over the two day competition that made up the Championship Match, Jacob would win both days to take down the

Anthony Zinno, Byron Kaverman Battle it Out for Player of the Year Honors

As we prepare to head into the final month of 2015, the battle for the two major Player of the Year awards have basically come down to two men. The man who has basically dominated the leaderboards since the 2015 World Series of Poker, Anthony Zinno, has now come under fire from another player who has had an outstanding year, Byron Kaverman. For the most part, it looks as though it will come down to these two men to determine the POY. (Due to the closure of their magazine and website, the Bluff Magazine Player of the Year standings have not been updated and, as such, have been dropped from our review.) On the CardPlayer Magazine Player of the Year review, Zinno has been the overwhelming leader for virtually all of the last half of 2015. He tacked on some points in winning the Borgata Poker Open’s $ 1000 Heads

Trio of Poker Movies and Documentaries Available Now

It has been very quiet on the cinematic front with gambling and poker movies as of late. The last “gambling” film that saw wide release was a remake of The Gambler starring Mark Wahlberg (save your money, the better film was the 1974 version with James Caan starring), which was released at Christmastime in 2014. Now a trio of films – two theatric and one documentary – have come to the fore, depending on what you may like. One that has been out for a bit is the movie Mississippi Grind. Starring Ryan Reynolds (soon to be seen in the upcoming superhero film Deadpool) and Ben Mendelsohn, the story is set around Mendelsohn, a broke gambler who is trying to change his luck. He meets up with Reynolds and, as the twosome work their way down the Mississippi River to New Orleans and share their stories and experiences, they both

Full Tilt Launches Holiday Promos

Last week, PokerStars launched its holiday promotion, the Christmas Festival. Not to be outdone, PokerStars’ little brother, Full Tilt Poker, has launched its own set of promos today, collectively dubbed the “Million Dollar Breakaway.” Millionaries Club Lounge The Millionaires Club Lounge promotion is an achievement-based raffle. As usual, for some reason Full Tilt requires everyone to first opt-in to the promo to activate it; after that, players will see a number of tasks listed on the “My Promotions” page. Players who complete three tasks in a week will be awarded a raffle ticket and those who complete all five tasks in a week will get another ticket. Anyone who completes all five tasks in all five weeks will be given five bonus tickets for the final raffle plus a special Robot Avatar. Raffle prizes include iPhones, Beats headphones, VIP Las Vegas vacation packages, Titan Eclipse Power Banks, and more. Also,

Evidence Supports Push from Sheldon Adelson in Nevada AG’s Decision to Support RAWA

The news two days ago that Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt would be signing a letter from other AG’s in support of the federal ban regarding online gaming and poker came as a stunner. Not only did it surprise the online gaming and poker communities – and the casinos that support online gaming – but it particularly surprised Laxalt’s bosses in the state house and Governor’s quarters in Carson City. Evidence has now come to light that demonstrates that Laxalt may be directly influenced by billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson and his continued drive to ban online gaming and poker. Laxalt came out on Tuesday supporting the federal bill regarding the banishment of online gaming and poker, the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) of 2016, putting out some flimsy arguments as to why he was taking the action. “Congress spoke on this issue (online gaming) and has an existing