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Why is PKR in trouble?

Why is PKR in trouble?…on-board-14745 First, I am a Silver Member at PKR. This means that I paid more than a $ 1000 in rake there. I used to play on PKR but now I left and here are some of the reasons: They doubled the points required to clear a bonus. They took away my favorite game the 10 seats PLO8. They changed the "Club monthly freeroll"; it used to be free to enter. Now we have to rake or do a mission to get in. And usually our stack is dependent on how much we rake. It gives a clear advantage to the high stake players. Also they introduced 2D so the regs can mass multi-table and clean the fishes faster. They seem to be moving away from the recreational players; to the opposite of PokerStars and FullTilt which are rewarding the low stakes more and more.

Hand Help

0.02/0.04 Nl fastforward Partypoker Villlain 3 – SB – ($ 9.63) Hero – BB – 10-10 ($ 5.16) Villain 1 – UTG – ($ 4.47) Villain 2 – MP – ($ 2.56) PRE-FLOP; Villain 1 calls $ 0.04, Villain 2 calls $ 0.04, Villain 3 calls $ 0.02, Hero raises $ 0.24, Villain 1 calls $ 0.24, Villain 2 raises $ 0.48, Villain 3 folds, Hero calls $ 0.24, Villain 1 calls $ 0.24. FLOP; [2S, 8H, 9D] Hero checks, Villain 1 checks, Villain 2 bets $ 1.14, Villain 1 folds, Hero folds, Villain 1 folds. Can i get feeback on my plays. I squeezed to 6bb vs 3 limpers (inc sb) got flat called and then reraised by the second limper……wtf? What hand does that??? And then on the flop i didnt really know what to do as he was short so i just folded and lost 50cents. Any


Is it possible to bluff on freeroll tournaments?? I am getting called 90% off times with third pair!! It looks if it is for free people just spash their chips…what do you think?? Cardschat Poker Forums

Found ACR – any other US sites?

just started at acr I am American and just found out they accept u.s players any other sites we can play for real money ? Cardschat Poker Forums

betonline poker

can anyone log in right now or get on the website Cardschat Poker Forums