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Ace-King/All in

As much as I been playing poker online. I see the AK lose more often than not especially when somebody goes all in. So I ask what do you think the best strategy to play when you start with AK and when should you go all in or not? Cardschat Poker Forums

US Online Poker

I am wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to the best site to load something into my account on? I am from the US and while I am not intending to deposit a lot, I would like to know its secure and a reputable site. I used to use PokerStars and UltimateBet at one point in time. Not sure if those are still worth using after over a decade of not using them. Poker Forums

poker vlogs on youtube

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of any poker vlogs on youtube that post reg. (1-2 a week). Right now i watch thetropper97 which i find very entertaining but not enough to satisfy my vlog needs:D Poker Forums

full tilt first deposit bonus

I don’t really understand about the 100% first deposit bonus on full tilt. If i deposit 10$ i get instantly 10$ more or what? Poker Forums

Cardschat I need your help

To all who took the time to open this thread i say thank you first off. My name is David and i always see the cardschat freerolls on different sites but i havent made 15 post so im not qualified. So i thought i have alot of holes in my game and i need to make quality post so why not kill 2 birds with one stone. So here goes. I will be posting all of what i consider to be holes in my game and with all your help /advice i will have a better understanding of the game.So for my first post: I play alot of freerolls because i was one of the gents who got hit with the whole Full tilt shut down. So i refuse to deposit anymore of my money. Having put that out there i notice that when i play freerolss i generally do