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PokerSchool Open Skill League

Does anybody play this on PokerStars ? I played it last month for the first time and came 861st. This month I am comfortably in the top 300 !! WOW ! I must be really good hey ? Nah….. Just register late… fold every hand… wait til you make the last 25% then start shoving chips in late position and hope you catch a decent hand real soon… The only skill in this league is resisting temptation to play premier hands early in the tournament… I was really chuffed to pass the poker school test <second attempt LOL> to join this league but find now that it’s not really a test of poker skill but more a test of discipline which I guess Poker is but this feels like a cheat… I logged in the other day then went shopping, came home 45 mins later, hit some decent hands doubled