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What To Do

I’m in a cash game at Carbon and I catch AA twice and KK once within one hour and all 3 times I’m UTG. Do I limp with those hands in that position just to get callers, or do I go all in hoping I’ll get a call, or do like I did and 3 bet? I did 3 bet and got no callers on any of the 3. Man I hate hands like that in that position. Cardschat Poker Forums

$200 NLHE Full Ring: live casino $1/3, QQ facing 3 bet and 5 behind. Shove/fold?

warning: this is a very in-depth post and I only recommend you read it if you know a thing or two about probability. This was a hand I experienced last night at my local casino. I want answers to focus around the math I have presented to see if there are holes in it anywhere (or my assumptions for the math), as my gut still says this is a fold, but the math says otherwise. Important information to note: x4-x5 bb has been the standard pre flop raise at the table all night (which sucked btw). See the attachment for a visual of the hand. players 1. and 2. had me covered, player 3 had ~$ 190 before the hand. Player 1 is tight, passive. I would assign his PFR ~ 5. player 2 is a regular, and is loose, fishy, but his 3 bet range in early position is

How to handle a Full House on flop

How is the best way to handle a full house on flop if you are on button, the pot is low and everyone elses checked ? Poker Forums

chasing then bluffing

like to know if you guys do this say you have in holes cards (suited or consective cards) such as say 9 10 and want to see flop then have 2 say 8 jack or 2 spades so now chasing straight or flush then make 30% bet trying to get rid of a couple people (always works) but 2 stay in then don’t get nothing on next hand but still have a bunch of outs so hit it again with bigger bet (BLUFFIN OF COURSE) hoping the rest will fold but that dosnt happen so now committed and the river dosnt help now DO YOU KEEP BLUFFING OR FOLD:eek: Poker Forums

Full Flush Ante Tournaments

Not sure if you all know but Full Flush has a new line up of ante tourneys and have extended their tournaments. Really good player field. The antes are great because:) it gets out the donks Poker Forums