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Is bad run or made bad move?

Seat one: mag797ali (1745 in chips) Seat two: –StUaRt-904 (7363 in chips) is sitting out Seat three: chigrao2 (3630 in chips) Seat four: verndowns (3190 in chips) Seat 5: SL1PKNOTNUTS (265 in chips) Seat 6: HERO (4110 in chips) Seat 7: pichurro44 (11417 in chips) Seat 8: betmen734 (16515 in chips) Seat 9: MandysugarD (15755 in chips) mag797ali: posts the ante 30 –StUaRt-904: posts the ante 30 chigrao2: posts the ante thirty verndowns: posts the ante thirty SL1PKNOTNUTS: posts the ante 30 HERO: posts the ante 30 pichurro44: posts the ante 30 betmen734: posts the ante 30 MandysugarD: posts the ante 30 mag797ali: posts little blind 150 –StUaRt-904: posts big blind 300 *** Hole Cards *** Dealt to HERO[As Td] chigrao2: folds verndowns: folds SL1PKNOTNUTS: folds HERO: calls three hundred pichurro44: folds betmen734: calls three hundred MandysugarD: folds mag797ali: folds –StUaRt-904: folds *** FLOP *** [Ah Advert 5d] HERO: checks