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Anyone use Intertop?

I just got a free 25 dollar comp in the mail. I saw that the website got a decent review by CC but I’ve never heard of it. Anyone have any experience with this website? Cardschat Poker Forums

When to incorporate 2x, 2.5x, 3x preflop raises early in a tournament

I know that in later stages, a min raise to 2.25x is usually standard preflop. Early in tournaments, I wonder what determines villains different open sizes (with the exception of the donk who opens 4.5x, 5x kind of stuff pf), or even later in a tourney and why some people do 2.5x, 2.25, 3x and so on. Ive read that stack sizes can determine the amount as well but I dont grasp the concept fully and I was wondering if anyone had any input on this. Thanks!! Poker Forums

Psychic Reads?

I started playing poker again after a long time off. Since I started again there have been three times where I got a strange feeling like "I know this hand will win" or "I know this will lose" because I just feel it. But, this is online poker I’m playing, so there couldn’t be much a basis for that. Yet, so far almost all of those feelings have been dead on. I’m thinking in the long-run, these feelings will average out to be right 50% of the time? I’m the kind of guy who likes very consistent play, so I sort of ignore those feelings, but so far just regret it! I did end up folding one premium hand without even a min. call and then someone else had an even better premium hand. Does anyone else go like this on pure gut instinct, and if so how does it


I know w.s.o.p site in nevada has the lender dradt to deposit, will any of the other web sites provide that again. Or is it only result in that web site is considered leagal. its just such an straightforward selection and workd evrytime no troubles. if anybody understands ty Cardschat Poker Discussion boards

Any CC members in the WSOP 2015?

With the WSOP 2015 starting off today with occasion #1 for on line casino staff, figured I might question if anybody listed here is truly actively playing in any occasion on their personal etc? any individual listed here a very first timer at the WSOP if you are actively playing? Or are you a seasoned WSOP player? All in all, if there are any CC customers at the WSOP this 12 months, then goodluck! I hope you enjoy your best and have an superb result. Poker Forums