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Poker Puzzle

Here’s a poker puzzle I wonder if anyone can work out 😉 All 5 community cards are down in a game of No-Limit Holdem; what must they be, and what two hole cards must you give yourself to GUARANTEE, no matter what they have, that your OPPONENT will win? Cardschat Poker Forums

Worst comment while playing online

I was pondering what is the worst remark you have read even though actively playing. I know I have stated some rather awful things just to see if it would get an individual mad. Cardschat Poker Community forums

Lock Poker Cash outs.

Does lock poker need a deposit in buy to money out funds, i know they extremely seldom do free rolls but if i developed up a bankroll with free rolls can i income it out? Cardschat Poker Discussion boards

technical difficulties @party

any person elae possessing difficulty logging in to celebration tonight Cardschat Poker Message boards

D’wilis Movesd everything around so I can’t find it now

Not certain what the position of dismantling my thread was, but its not really nooby helpful and I’m positive I’m not the only one particular that isn’t going to appreciate it. Including my posts to threads I have no curiosity in, strike one. Sending me to threads that did not help me at all, strike two. Coming into a thread full of useful people and fully ruining it, strike a few. Your policies are lame as shit. I do not settle for.:mad: I wished certain viewpoints pertaining to the reasons I said. You sent me a bunch of basic info and said &quotHave enjoyable&quot. What kind of shit is that, I previously had all the info. Way to resolve one thing that wasn’t damaged. Cardschat Poker Message boards