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Continuation Betting?

 Continuation Betting?
How often do you guys c-wager the flop?
I’ve generally c-guess most flops when I’ve elevated preflop even if I will not strike it to keep them guessing but I’m not also confident whether or not this is a good idea :s
Could you give any illustrations of when you would and would not c-guess?

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Is there some source of results and informaiton I don’t know?

 Is there some source of results and informaiton I dont know?
I have just lately (I hope) turned a corner in my sport, and have started getting some steady accomplishment, demonstrating a life span revenue for the very first time in on the web enjoy.

On a number of events as I have created it deeper in tournaments, other gamers have made responses that suggest a understanding of specific benefits – not just the sort of stuff you can get from HM, but info like the optimum I have ever put in a tournament before. I see folks commenting on every single other’s ROI and equivalent matters as effectively.

It is not particularly regarding, but it has usually seemed precise, and I’m curious if there is some source of details out there that I am not getting edge of.

It looks far more very likely that individuals are just carrying out what people do – talking smack and whistling in the darkish.

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GPI Question

 GPI Question
Global Poker Index

Making lists or rankings.

I never ever recognized, how this can be a Multi Million Greenback enterprise. :confused:

Every person can make a listing ๐Ÿ˜€

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Linux friendly poker sites

 Linux friendly poker sites
I am returning to online poker right after a couple of several years absent and am seeking at my alternatives for actively playing listed here in America. The variation this time all around is that I hardly ever use anything other than a Personal computer running Linux Mint to obtain the World wide web. I experimented with ClubWPT many months again via firefox and it was almost unplayable. I was using the created in graphics on a lower finish Sandy Bridge CPU at the time but I even now have a hard time accepting that was the cause for the slow response times and out of sync audio. Now I have a Geforce GT 720 set up so I should not have an problem with most internet sites.

So I guess it arrives down to what are my alternatives? Do I stick with browser dependent internet sites or try to determine out which kinds will function by means of Wine?

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how do you handle players who dont really want to play

 how do you handle players who dont really want to play
Hi guys,

i have been a tiny quiet no bankroll so i freeroll a great deal.
now i do get a dollar listed here and there so i can engage in some &quotnormal&quot video games and often a massive tournament (Pokerstars)

now i have performed the huge four.40 at night a handful of instances very last 7 days and the week before. The very first 7 days i cashed 3 out of four (one quite deep fifty four, one just after the bubble 600+ and one about the middle)
in this week i also completed 3th in a 1.10 night time timed event.
I have religion in my recreation a hundred%
I know how to engage in and i know what game titles are for me. i am very best to enter 3th level, with stack around sixty/90 bb. this provides me fold area and time for me to get into the game. i enjoy 1 recreation at a time i like to emphasis and possibly have a chat below and there (social ๐Ÿ™‚ ) blind stages ten mins.
i effortlessly deal with the deep turbo formats on P.S. (given my choices) as quickly as i strike the goal event i however have a whole lot of difficulty with a unique kind of individuals.

players who (most likely) satelited in for not so significantly and then just flip any offered hand and (ofcours) &quotsometimes&quot wander absent. just only when i have a wonderful hand ) a tiny example.
i came in the big eleven, stage 2 i had to fold a couple of fingers following the flop so i misplaced a tiny stack and experienced about 2.2k still left. then this participant arrives sitting down two seats just before me (I am BB he is B) 1st hand he gets dealth he flips all-in, receives referred to as by a large stack shows 5Jo vs AK, desk runs out splitpot, 2nd hand he flips all-in everybody folds. 3th hand he flips and wins(cant don’t forget just the palms) , 4th i get A A and he flips (ofcrours.)
What to do?! ofcours i call ! vs his J3 off… obtaining his J3
shitty but that happened like all of the relaxation of very last week here and there AK and KK i just look to get them on my desk and cant deal with them.
wait around them out? lik fold AA or so? i am good with folding AA or KK if i get a two/3 bet call submit flop and a intense hideous table like KKK or so but pre folding to this kind of gamers i could probably stop the sport for profits. but regrettably those players appear to run out on the actual improper times ๐Ÿ™


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