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Whats your favorite cardroom for tournaments?

 Whats your favorite cardroom for tournaments?
Personally I just started playing at carbon again and I have been doing half way decent. I was playing at Americas Cardroom but honeslty I am fed up with how the play is there and it was putting me on tilt way to much during tournaments out of frustration .

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Zone / Rush Poker ?

 Zone / Rush Poker ?
How do you guys truly feel about zone poker? any much more rewarding than standard ring online games? I’ve taken a number of stabs at it but eventually feel like the only hands you happen to be likely to operate up against at minimum a lot more typically than not are extremely higher gap cards. curious as to what you guys feel. better to stick to multi-tabling if you are hunting for quantity?

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$10 hyper freeroll starts 2 hours winner take all

 $10 hyper freeroll starts 2 hours winner take all
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Stake request for RiverShove: Crush the MTSNG’s and MTT’s :-)

 Stake request for RiverShove: Crush the MTSNGs and MTTs : )
Hi there Cardchat Group!

1.Pertinent poker site username(s):

Pokerstars: HotRiver2.
CasinoEuro: 100.g.joint
Bwin: bea135 x
Betfair: HansPeterlol
Betsson: sluggish_player2

2. Cause for the stake:

BankRoll rebuiling

three. Total worth of the stake:

three hundred$ -&gt ~100 BI’s

four. Kind of stake, one MTT/Income/Live recreation/Package deal:

500 x 45/180 Man 3,fifty$ -&gt45 Male and two,50$ -&gt180 Male Turbo MTSNG’s on PS + Turbo MTTs ,fifty$ +/1,35$ /two,20$ /two,70$ /4,40$ /five,forty$ (BRM)

five. Percentage searching to market:


six. Price for every %:

ten% = $ thirty
twenty% = $ sixty
50% = $ 150
ninety% = $ 270

seven. Any Mark Up:

70/30 in backers favour soon after stakeback.

nine. Any back links to related final results and references.…rs/HotRiver2.…rs/one hundred.g.Joint…ers/bea135%20x…E0E8C.html?t=two…s/slow_player2

ten. Signifies of funds transfer:

Transfer at PS: HotRiver2.

eleven. Any other pertinent data:

I will complete the Staking in max 2 weeks! I know iam quicker

Updates in this Thread for each HoldemManager Graph

GL us

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Some questions about multitabling,bankroll and roi

 Some questions about multitabling,bankroll and roi
these concerns are for entire ring stts only.

1. first of all i can only play 4 stts at a time , if i try out tough i may possibly boost this to 6 , below these situations , is it value to enjoy regular stts alternatively of turbos? of course the roi is increased but i will almost certainly not play sufficient quantity for each day.

2. How a lot of stts is it standar to perform for every day? and whats the bare minimum for a excellent participant?

3. Whats the variation in roi amongst good players in between turbos and regulars?

four. Finally , when do you transfer up a limit? allows say you require thirty purchase in roll for 7$ , do you move up when the overall of your bankroll is 210$ ? and if you do when do you go down? when you have 30 get in for the 3.fifty$ or when you slide under 210$ ? in fact i think if i perform seven$ at 210$ then i have like 15 buy ins before i shift to three.50$ , wouldnt be much better to grind thirty acquire ins for the up coming level as an alternative of transferring up when my whole bank is x30 the buy in?

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