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Sammy Huang holds all the aces in Canberra

It was a prolonged weekend in Australia and what much better way to celebrate the birthday of Her Majesty than with a welcoming match of poker. It really is a sport made for royalty, as kings and queens ended up tossed all around the felt with effortless precision this afternoon. Fifteen faithful servants arrived jointly, but they dropped away a single-by-a single right up until only 1 male remained. That man is Sammy Huang and he is now the King of Canberra! As a lot of kings and queens that we saw on the felt of the Casino Canberra right now, it was the unnerving number of aces that finished up in the fingers of Sammy Huang that ultimately was the story of the working day. Traveling the flag for the Canberra locals, Huang was a dominant drive on a hard last desk by way of a mixture of intense