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Poker Basics (Video) – Complete 10-Part Series for Poker Beginners

And not just when it comes to poker method.

There are a great number of refined nuances – from the way you keep your playing cards and count your chips to the way you shift a bet into the pot – that different the pros from the amateurs.

Ahead of you even sit down at a poker desk it can truly help your self-confidence and your nerves to have what we call the “poker fundamentals” down to a T.

Underneath you may find 10 films outlining some of the basic essentials of poker every new player should get relaxed with. It’ll make all the distinction in the globe!

1) How to Stack Your Chips Like a Professional

If you are enjoying reside poker, how you stack your chips at the desk is an instant tip off to your degree of experience.

People who perform frequently stack their chips in a distinct way to boost the pace of perform and make larger choices simpler. Here’s how to do it:

2) How to Keep Your Cards Like a Pro

How you hold your playing cards is also a pretty clear idea-off to your knowledge degree.

Not that it’s a bad thing to tip your hand as an novice, but keeping your playing cards in the proper way can help you from revelaing what you have to much more perceptive players all around the desk.

Have faith in us you may truly feel considerably far better when you know your hole cards are a mystery to everybody else.

three) How to Guess and Raise Like a Poker Pro

The subsequent stage following stacking your chips and holding your cards? Obtaining some of individuals chips into the pot.

As you’ll discover out often in poker, how you do something can be as crucial as how a lot you’re placing in. Observe beneath for the way the execs do it:

4) Poker Hand Rankings and Values Explained

Pretty self-explanatory if you want to acquire some pots it’s a excellent concept to know what you got.

five) How to Go through the Board and Which Hand Wins

When you know how poker hands are rated and valued you’ll need to have to know how to put your very best hand jointly.

Likewise understanding precisely palms wins can also be tricky for beginners, but listed here are some simple ideas for generating it very clear and easy.

six) How to Shuffle Poker Chips Like a Pro

Ever walked into a on line casino poker room throughout a key event?

That all-encompassing clicking seem you hear is from hundreds of players at the same time shuffling their chips – element behavior, component time killer and portion pure poker flair.

As soon as you’ve got performed poker for awhile the seem will be as comforting as a appears of nature CD. Here is how you do it:

7) How to Engage in Texas Hold’em

If you are playing poker in 2014, probabilities are rather excellent you happen to be actively playing Texas Hold’em. In circumstance you are still a little bit flummoxed by Holdem’s principles, this is a fast guide:

eight) How to Count Your Chips Like a Professional

Counting your chips … which is fairly fool proof, no? Everybody can depend cannot they?

It is when you have realized this straightforward shortcut distinct to poker tables.

9) How to Host the Perfect Property Poker Game

Not that you’ve received all the poker fundamentals underneath your belt, invite your buddies above and get appropriate into it.

Listed here are a handful of basic suggestions to aid your sport run a good deal smoother:

10) How to Shuffle Playing cards Like a Pro

A single last tip:

When it is your flip to be the supplier, this is how you make it search and truly feel totally expert.

Take pleasure in your newfound adore of poker! We hope it really is a prolonged and fruitful journey.

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