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Top 7 Signs You’re a TAGfish

But to go together with these good, funds-generating TAGs there is a increasing amount of crack-even or marginally dropping regulars identified as TAGfish.

On the area, it could be challenging to distinguish a TAGfish from a profitable regular. He buys in total, tops up every hand, has first rate enough stats and performs what he thinks is great poker.

But he can not appear to win.

That is because you will find much more to poker than having great stats. Poker is a thinking man’s sport you can’t just imitate what you’ve got read and turn out to be some income-printing robot.

You have to be in a position to utilize what you’ve uncovered and make good selections each time the motion is on you.

A TAGfish doesn’t. He just plays the same recreation all working day, every working day no matter the situation. And he perpetually loses/breaks even, contemplating he’s the most unlucky participant on the experience of the earth.

These are the indications you happen to be that guy:

1) You think about your opponent’s range but by no means your possess Absolutely everyone is aware of you have to attempt to put your opponent on a selection. It really is one particular of the most essential skills in poker.

But a TAGfish isn’t going to consider about his possess selection in undertaking so. An opponent is heading to perform the hand a handful of distinct ways in accordance to what he thinks you have.

You will never be able to properly set your opponent on a variety without very first considering about your possess perceived range.

Brian Townsend

If you get Brian’s lessons and use them improperly, you are almost certainly a TAGfish.

two) You misapply abilities you’ve got learnedA TAGfish attempts to discover to enjoy far better poker. He watches video clips, read through articles or blog posts and reports the game thoroughly. But he misapplies the info he’s learned. He’ll understand that continuation betting and offering up is undesirable, so he’ll just fire every single next barrel.

He’ll discover that to exploit gamers that c-guess way too much you can float the flop and consider away the pot on the flip, but he’ll float with pure air instead of gutshots or arms with backdoor capabilities. He’ll discover that a few-betting light is worthwhile, but he’ll do it irrespective of his opponent’s 3-wager contacting frequency. And he’ll do it with the wrong arms.He only learns half the capabilities. He understands what to do, but then misapplies when he must be doing it and who he must be undertaking it against.

3) You phone the same assortment in the minimize-off as you do on the buttonA TAGfish treats the lower-off and the button as the specific very same place. If an opponent raises from early situation, he’ll phone in the reduce-off with six&hearts 9&hearts contemplating it is properly fine simply because he’ll be taking part in the pot in place.

But that just isn’t really the situation. You’ve got nevertheless received 1 much more participant to act guiding you and if he is any great, he can make your lifestyle a living hell.That participant can a few-guess with impunity every time you phone with your weak, speculative hand, he can phone and steal your post-flop placement and he can punish you right after the flop.Exactly where excellent TAGs abuse the button, a TAGfish allows himself to be abused by the button.

4) You overestimate your implied oddsA TAGfish thinks every time he tends to make the nuts he’s heading to acquire a stack. He thinks if he calls from the blinds with a pocket pair and nails a established, he is going to get an opponent’s entire stack every time.So he calls with his speculative hands post-flop, examine-folds when he misses and, when he finally tends to make that enormous hand, he can make his opponent fold. He bleeds all his cash attempting to hit that hand and then when he does strike, he never ever can make that funds back again.

5) You have leaks put up-flopA TAGfish generally performs good pre-flop. He has that portion of the sport solved to a diploma.

He understands he can’t limp Q9o upfront and count on to demonstrate a income. He is aware AK wants to be elevated for benefit, and so on. But after the flop will come, his mistakes begin to compound. Being aware of when to fold pre-flop is effortless. But being aware of when to ditch best pair, bad kicker just isn’t. Knowing when to double barrel and when to triple barrel is tough. A TAGfish plays his own cards too typically and the scenario and his opponents not practically adequate.

Chris Lee

The real poker recreation is publish flop. Pre-flop is simple.

6) You appear at each and every selection as a independent entityA TAGfish gets caught up in a difficult decision and thinks, “Guy, this location sucks. What the hell do I do?”

Really, it really is not what he just did that set him in that place it’s what he did previously in the hand.He does not have a prepare in head for the hand. He just functions and figures it out from there. He plays reactive poker alternatively of proactive poker.7) You tilt as well muchA TAGfish does not tilt in the true “5-bet ship 58o” perception of the term.

But when he is shedding, he undoubtedly does not perform his very best. He rushes selections. He slips into car pilot. And, worst of all, he performs significantly too lengthy.A TAGfish loves striving to get unstuck and will engage in all working day attempting to get unstuck – all the while actively playing C-game poker. However when he has a profitable day, he’ll stop early and play small classes, scheduling a tiny acquire.


If this seems a good deal like you, never fret. TAGfish syndrome is curable.

The reply: focus on generating the greatest selection each and every solitary time the motion is on you and just take your time. Often the ideal feasible perform won’t appear to you appropriate absent.

But if you do your very best to think about the rewards of each and every attainable decision, you are going to be producing more great conclusions and less negative ones.

If you want to earn far more income – and stop currently being a TAGfish – that’s exactly exactly where you need to start off.

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