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Being Responsible with Your First Big Poker Score

John Kim has played poker skillfully for more than a dozen a long time. He is played several million fingers at the mid to high-stakes stages at Entire Tilt Poker and has amassed above a million bucks in winnings.  

He now splits his time amongst the reside video games in Las Vegas, exactly where he resides, and enjoying 15 tables simultaneously on-line. John is a focused father and husband and emphasizes operate-life harmony as an crucial trait to his achievement in poker.

I keep in mind when I experienced my initial considerable score. It was in January 2005 and I received the $ 640 buy-in Party Poker Million for about $ 250k. That event was the unique Sunday Million just before PokerStars introduced their Sunday Million.

I don’t forget the closing hand profitable with A7o vs. K9o and the board rolling out AKxxx. The up coming factor I understood I was leaping up and down with my wife and contacting my household to celebrate the acquire.

The timing was wonderful because my wife and I just acquired and moved into our very 1st home the prior month. Obtaining been a skilled poker participant for a few several years but never ever possessing received much more than $ 15k in a solitary working day, this was a important boost to my bankroll.

So what did I do with the funds? Nicely, since I positioned a higher priority on loved ones, I gave some income to my mother and father and my brother. Also I compensated off all my debts including credit history cards and car payments.

At the time I was enjoying mid- to large-stakes cash games on the web and undertaking properly. I was taking part in $ thirty/$ 60 restrict and $ 5/$ 10 No-Restrict Hold’em games and was creating a very good residing, so I didn’t really feel the need to soar into larger video games at the time. I have always been a little threat averse when it came to my poker bankroll (primarily since I was married with one little one and a mortgage) and even though my bankroll had ballooned, I imagined there was a better way to use the cash.

I determined to study a few books on investing, and acquired a quantity of shares and mutual money. I desired to invest for the long term. I did not want an expense I’d have to remain on top of all the time. My main target would nevertheless be poker.

So I finished up getting a bunch of shares in businesses and mutual cash that ended up certain prolonged expression moneymakers, e.g. S&ampP 500. To this day I even now personal most of the very same shares I purchased back then, but I might have swapped or traded some shares for other individuals. I manufactured positive our retirement accounts stayed healthy and they’re poised to return a excellent quantity when we commence withdrawing from them (an additional thirty years or so from now).


The dimensions of your property will rely on the size of your score.

This goes from the grain of how most of the “pro poker community” would use the windfall. Numerous would have instantly commenced actively playing even bigger to see how significantly more they could make. I do consider this is the best route to get for profitable players, but it is dependent on every single person’s predicament.

I took the dependable route at the time by investing for our futures and would not fault any individual for getting the very same route I did.

Reflecting back on it, I want I’d taken some of the income and taken pictures at increased online games, despite the fact that increased online games back again then were only $ a hundred/200 limit or $ ten/$ 20nl (UB most likely experienced $ 25/$ 50nl back again then but we all know how shady the UB online games ended up so it was a excellent factor I never performed on the website then).

I have often been a successful poker player and I should’ve presented myself a shot at higher game titles to see how I did. Who is aware how substantial I could’ve finished up enjoying had I taken that prospect.

Even though I could’ve been a small a lot more intense with my newfound income, there is threat in being way too intense, which I have witnessed take place when other poker players bink a tournament or appear across a massive sum of money.

Both they perform too high, perform in games they are not the preferred (just since you acquire six figures in a event does not suggest you can beat the optimum or toughest game titles), engage in damaging ev video games (blackjack, craps, sportsbetting, and so forth.), or just spend as well lavishly.

Soon they are out of the big volume of cash they experienced and are remaining questioning “wtf did I do with all my cash?!” I would suggest obtaining the proper medium (games and stakes) with a small quantity of danger to improve one’s earnings with the new bankroll.

Turns out a couple of many years later we would shift into a even bigger house and I would win yet another Sunday significant in a thirty day period of relocating. I won $ 132k in the FTP $ 750k certain. Chat about déjà vu. It is been awhile considering that I received a massive on-line event so I’m making an attempt to persuade my wife to go again.

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