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How to Qualify for the EPT: A Quick Tip to Boost Your Chances 50%

So: You have read a couple of books by Dan Harrington and his pot-odds calculating colleagues? Congratulations. You have an excellent foundation for your all-about poker sport Now you need to have to try out and forget every little thing – or almost everything – they’ve taught you for a new phase. A single that will particularly train you how to deal with and drastically boost your PokerStars European Poker Tour qualifier benefits. The Key is … There’s No Mystery. Form Of. Do not repeat this to any person … but there is no mystery! I was an regular poker player in the previous. My achievement is largely a result of meticulous function particularly targeted on qualifying for the EPT offers provided through PokerStars. I put the time in to determine out how to do it as effectively and successfully as feasible. Months and many years of research, apply, improvement of

How to Qualify for the EPT: AK – Premium Hand or Timebomb?

See the listing below the write-up for hyperlinks to the rest of the collection. AK, AQ: Top quality Fingers That Aid You Qualify or Arms That Get You Eradicated? Most importantly in a qualifying event, all hands have to be performed with continually current techniques in accordance to the circumstance you happen to be in rather than the strength of the cards. Making use of our illustration from the first post in the series, we now know that to survive safely and win an EPT deal we need to win approximately one hundred twenty,000 chips in 270 hands over five hrs. But how? 1st, Do No Hurt As they say in Italian, “Primo non nocere” or “Very first, Do No Hurt” Never let AK or AQ eliminate your aspiration.   Your earlier poker encounter tells you that AK is a top quality hand – the third-very best in poker even. And according to the current style on the

How to Qualify for the EPT: Don’t Reduce Your Chances to Survive

See the record under the post for back links to the rest of the collection. Make the hero contact, make a huge bluff or enjoy for security? It all will come down to what greatest fits your one aim: growing your chances of qualification. Play 23s and fold AA? Not simple, but at times it is essential. And it is a situation that occurs more frequently than we might think. So what do you do? On-line there are couple of tells and tiny data on our opponents. Our large selections continue to be very subjective. What then are the aspects that establish our decisions if it’s not pot odds? Control Your Stack, Not the Pot In an EPT qualifying match, you do not stay or die with the pot or the pot odds. What you manage is your stack and the possibility it presents you to survive the bubble. This