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How to Qualify for the EPT: A Quick Tip to Boost Your Chances 50%

So: You have read a couple of books by Dan Harrington and his pot-odds calculating colleagues?

Congratulations. You have an excellent foundation for your all-about poker sport

Now you need to have to try out and forget every little thing – or almost everything – they’ve taught you for a new phase.

A single that will particularly train you how to deal with and drastically boost your PokerStars European Poker Tour qualifier benefits.

The Key is … There’s No Mystery. Form Of.

Do not repeat this to any person … but there is no mystery!

I was an regular poker player in the previous. My achievement is largely a result of meticulous function particularly targeted on qualifying for the EPT offers provided through PokerStars.

I put the time in to determine out how to do it as effectively and successfully as feasible.

Months and many years of research, apply, improvement of a approach and endless precision executing that technique have gone into it.

But now I am pleased to share all of that meticulous investigation so you never have to do it yourselves.

Overlook What You Know About Pot Odds

Do you have a good base in match poker and very good results in most varieties of tournaments you engage in on the web?

Have you tested your expertise in satellite qualifiers for reside tournaments but never ever succeeded?

Previously mentioned all items, attempt to fail to remember everything you have go through about “pot odds” and all the normal calculations you use to make your poker decisions on an ad hoc foundation.

Excellent stuff has been created by Dan Harrington and much more about the subject. You should study it if you haven’t.

But as stunning as it sounds, for maximizing your chances to qualify for an EPT package, overlook it!

Rather you’ll need to learn to handle a qualification tournament by its overall approach, which permits you to alter your tactics at each stage of the tournament to improve your odds.

Ask your self this: did you use the equipment under during your earlier qualifiers?

elky pierre

At property a single working day, taking part in with the stars the following.

1) Indispensable Group

Earlier mentioned all, you will need to have a pencil and notebook. 

You enjoy with a mouse, but you qualify with a pencil and notes.

two) Did You Have in Your Head, With out Forgetting it for a Single Second, the Utlimate Purpose of Successful an EPT Bundle?

Here’s an example of what to enter in your notebook before the start off of a event and what you have to maintain in head at all occasions:

Amount of gamers in the event: a hundred and fifty Starting stack: 3000 Variety of players that will win seats: 9 Whole chips in the event: 450,000 Determine in advance: at the time of the bubble the common stack will be forty five,000

Project these quantities in excess of 15 levels or 5 hours and there will be nine competent players with stacks that will differ amongst 25,000 and one hundred fifty,000.

Which is the context of the tournament that has to be very very clear with you, constantly.

three) The Purpose is Not to Have All the Chips

It truly is not even to have a maximum volume of chips.

The only purpose is to not be eradicated from the match.

To be in the ultimate nine players and still have a stack 5 hrs from now.

That is your a single and only objective in an EPT satellite qualifier. In no way fail to remember it.

4) If the Only Aim is to Survive, Stay away from Using Hazards That Will Get You Eradicated

Each determination depends not on EV or pot odds, but your total scenario in the match.

This is always the very first and most important issue in your choice-creating.

The Simple Equation of the Serial Qualifier:

Rising your probabilities of qualification = lowering the chance of elimination.

5 Hours of Survival

You must win chips to survive. But the worst achievable way to do this, of system, is flips.

Because you need to endure five several hours (very likely 15 levels of 20 minutes each and every), preserve at the prime of your head the tournament you will engage in:

Starting at three,000 chips, your objective is to have forty two,000 chips, about, in 5 hrs to truly feel protected.

You will want to place in 15 levels value of blinds and antes for a very likely overall of 38,000.

Neuville Boeree

Usually bear in mind your purpose.

So you will have to receive 42,000 + 38,000 = 80,000 chips from that starting stack of 3,000.

You will lose about a single-third of these chips from unsuccessful moves, so about forty,000 chips.

Consequently your profitable moves will have to provide back again one hundred twenty,000.

And there it is!

You really don’t play fingers at random, or in a vacuum, in a satellite qualifier.

You know just what the goal to attain is: 5 hrs of survival.

Important Takeaways: Never ever Fail to remember Your Aim and Be A lot more Geared up Than the Up coming Dude

Just before starting up your subsequent PokerStars qualifier, collect all of the info about the tournament.

Review the composition, take notes, track how it will modify hour by hour.

You must keep in mind to modify your tactics hour by hour relying on the circumstance.

Preserve a large sheet of notes up coming to you, close at hand, to indicate the pertinent details for every scenario.

If you do this cautious preparing, you have presently elevated your odds of winning a seat by fifty%.

Or at minimum 50% in contrast to all of the gamers who will sit in entrance of their pcs and enjoy just hoping for very good playing cards – without thinking about or imagining where they are likely and how they will get there.

You were a tourist in qualification tournaments just before, but now you’re organized like a professional – and a potential qualifier!

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About the Writer:

Pierre Neuville is known across Europe as the “Serial PokerStars Qualifier” for his extraordinary run of qualifying for 23 consecutive European Poker Tour principal functions by means of on the web satellite. Study much more about Pierre Neuville on his author page.

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