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How to Qualify for the EPT: AK – Premium Hand or Timebomb?

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AK, AQ: Top quality Fingers That Aid You Qualify or Arms That Get You Eradicated?

Most importantly in a qualifying event, all hands have to be performed with continually current techniques in accordance to the circumstance you happen to be in rather than the strength of the cards.

Making use of our illustration from the first post in the series, we now know that to survive safely and win an EPT deal we need to win approximately one hundred twenty,000 chips in 270 hands over five hrs.

But how?

1st, Do No Hurt

As they say in Italian, “Primo non nocere” or “Very first, Do No Hurt”

NeuvilleLesson 1

Never let AK or AQ eliminate your aspiration.

Your earlier poker encounter tells you that AK is a top quality hand – the third-very best in poker even. And according to the current style on the internet, AK is really simple to enjoy: 3-guess, 4-bet, all in.

So we finish up in a flip. We pray. We near our eyes. We double up or we’re out. But to turn our beginning stack of three,000 chips into a hundred and twenty,000, is it great enough to flip a coin with AK or AQ?

Brief response: no! 

If you want to increase your chances to qualify, forget about AK as a hand to flip with.

For me, AK is not a top quality hand to qualify with but the killer of dreams.

AK – More Often the Stop of our Dream?

Let’s go to some basic math to assess additional.

In a flip, AK is behind thirteen pairs – all of 22-AA.

Even if you remove AA and KK, exactly where AK is an eighty% or 70% underdog, when you request for a flip you want to think you will find fundamentally an eight out of 10 possibility you will be at 47% to get against a small pair – i.e. 22-QQ.

If we need to receive a hundred and twenty,000 chips from three,000, we would require to go three,000, six,000, 12,000, 24,000, 48,000, 96,000 … or acquire six flips in a row.

The odds of successful six flips in a row are 1 in sixty four – that means a one.five% opportunity we’ll nevertheless be in the tournament and a 99% opportunity we’ll be out!

In about five hours you will play about 270 hands. So six fingers to plainly stay away from, if possible, are those that will give you a 50% chance to be out. 

Alternatively, you want to seem for fingers that give you a chance to win 3-ten moments much more chips than you’ll shed.

You want to go to as a lot of flops as possible in great placement and to flops that can permit us to get ten-50 times the chips invested.

A Chip Not Lost is Well worth A lot more Than a Chip Won

Keep in mind this nicely:

A chip lost is really worth 3 occasions more than a chip won. And in the commencing phases of a qualifying tournament, it’s value 5 instances far more.

For case in point:

If you double your chips early from three,000 to six,000, you’ve probably increased your chances of qualifying by about 10%. 

If you lose your chips even so (from 3,000 to zero), you’e decreased your chances infinitely. You might be out.

Your tactics will evolve in accordance to a few parameters:

one) Your stack measurement in contrast to the regular stack dimensions.

2) The stage of the tournament (variety of players remaining/number of seats to be received)

three) The value of M. Keep in mind here that you will play two rounds per amount. In the very first round, M = 30. In the 15th level, M = 4800 or 160 times more.

So whatever your hand in the first levels, adapt your tactics to give you zero chance to be out. 

Avoid flips completely. Or at the quite minimum steer clear of those where you may be jeopardizing much more than 33% of your stack.

Understand how to play AK or AQ with some finesse. 

And especially forget the simplistic “on the internet way” to enjoy them by clicking the all-in button.

Lesson 2

AQ requires finesse.

Write yourself a submit-it note and stick it prominently on your display screen: 

“All in with AK = fifty three% out”

Beside it, write another post-it note with encouragement:

“I will still be in the event at 1:30 a.m.”

This will remind your subconscious that filters your decisions of your final objective: to “Stay In.”

Your odds of qualification have now once more elevated. 

By applying these two first lessons, they may presently have more than doubled.

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