How to Qualify for the EPT: Don’t Reduce Your Chances to Survive

 How to Qualify for the EPT: Dont Reduce Your Chances to Survive

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Make the hero contact, make a huge bluff or enjoy for security?

It all will come down to what greatest fits your one aim: growing your chances of qualification.

Play 23s and fold AA? Not simple, but at times it is essential. And it is a situation that occurs more frequently than we might think.

So what do you do?

On-line there are couple of tells and tiny data on our opponents. Our large selections continue to be very subjective.

What then are the aspects that establish our decisions if it’s not pot odds?

Control Your Stack, Not the Pot

In an EPT qualifying match, you do not stay or die with the pot or the pot odds.

What you manage is your stack and the possibility it presents you to survive the bubble. This is the only foundation that need to information your decisions.

Here are a few illustrations to assist make it a small clearer:

CroppedImage180320 Jakastack How to Qualify for the EPT: Dont Reduce Your Chances to Survive

Control your stack, not the pot.

Illustration 1:

You have a stack of a hundred and fifty,000. Player B has 100,000. Gamers C and D have 37,000.

Five other players have 25,000 and you are on the bubble. Your possibilities of qualification are perfect. Practically close to 99% even.

Your threat is zero each time there are two players with an all in and a get in touch with in between them.

So it is sufficient to just hold out quietly until finally they are removed.

Hand 1: You have AA and Player B shoves all in.

With your aces you’re favored to acquire the hand all around eighty% of the time, but if you drop the hand your stack falls back again to 50,000 – in other words and phrases, again to the regular stack.

At the average stack dimension, your probabilities of missing out on qualifying now increase amongst one and ten%.

If you fold your aces?

At first glance, it is a surprising solution that some would say is even a ridiculous concept. I even believe some gamers won’t even take into account it.

But if you fold your aces, you keep your 99% chance of qualifying. The greatest solution right here is consequently an insta-fold preflop.

Throw your AA into the muck, without having regret.

CroppedImage180320 bullets 19891 How to Qualify for the EPT: Dont Reduce Your Chances to Survive

Folding aces? Not so nuts.


Because a call would assist your opponents straight in every situation.

For you, it only will help you the eighty% of the time that you get and it’s very unfavorable in defeat – which would occur twenty% of the time.

Qualification is practically certain proper now, so the very best tactic becomes completely avoiding any “transfer” that can significantly decrease your possibilities of qualifying.

Congratulations – You have Just Made a Vital Leap

If you have in no way thought about folding KK or AA pre-flop, you have just produced a large leap in your progress.

You don’t get rid of qualifying tournaments with seventy seven. “Future incidents” take place with large hands, so you just have to understand to avoid them in particular instances.

In finding out this new step, your chances of qualifying have increased considerably.

This is also likely to provide you well in other situations.

From the moment you have it obvious in your head that you can toss away AA simply and without having regret, dependent on your total situation in the event, you will have no difficulty throwing all other average-to-honest palms away pre-flop according to the situation.

No much more slipping in love with timebomb commencing fingers like AK, AQ – which are often lethal on arrival.

The good quality of your poker has just taken a giant action. ninety nine.9% of gamers would probably make the call with AA with out considering, and you’ve appear to recognize that in poker every little thing is foodstuff for thought.

The evidence is you have just realized to toss absent AA despite great pot odds to defend your virtually guaranteed qualification.

On the Other Hand: Risk-Getting is At times Essential

One more example:

You are the limited stack with ten,000 chips. You have JT on a board of of 246KT.

The pot is nine,000. He bets 4,000, sitting down with an average stack of 25,000. You figure there’s a fifty% possibility he’s making an attempt to take the pot with his AQ.

Your odds of qualifying total at that minute are very slender. If you fold, you continue to be at 10k.

Let’s say that presents you about a ten-fifteen% opportunity of qualifying. But you’re also only somewhat a lot more at risk overall with 6k (alternatively of the 10k) if you lose when you contact.

If your hero get in touch with is profitable and you win the hand, your stack is up to 23k &ampndash back again up to the common and now with about a 50-sixty% possibility of earning a seat.

In other words and phrases, the general predicament at that precise time advises you to get a reasonable threat.

Shedding the hand doesn’t change considerably, but the potential acquire from winning the hand can reestablish your position for qualifying.

This is what you should mostly seem at in any difficult circumstance – the effect on your possibilities to acquire or drop this seat.

 How to Qualify for the EPT: Dont Reduce Your Chances to Survive

Dangers are even now needed, but only smart kinds.

Very same Basic principle Applies to Bluffing

This case in point can also be applied to generating a bluff of your personal.

Of course it is affordable to bluff at a pot if the sum gained will radically modify your final possibilities of qualifying and if the quantity you may get rid of only results in a fairly little lower in your chances.

This requires absent virtually the full repertoire of bluffs like “I drive all in on the button and I shut my eyes.”

Repeat this to your self:

I won’t make a “adverse infinity”transfer with only relative improvement achievable!

Crucial Takeaways:

Just take dangers with minor implications on the problem that they can actually enhance your position.

But above all, do not just take pitfalls that can change a protected place received into a new risk of losing your possibility at qualifying.

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