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How to Qualify for the EPT: Avoid Bad Risks and Count Stacks

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I like to say I’m “at the helm” of my own qualification possibilities and I navigate by eye.

I stay focused on two parameters: avoiding unneeded risks and taking every pot I can to keep myself above the average stack and in qualifying placement.

I decrease my risk-taking when I have a cushion in contrast to the average stack and I improve it if I lose ground.

But more than anything at all, my game is not primarily guided by “maps” or formulas for the instant.

It is guided by the all round qualifying predicament in the event. 

Get Cozy With Throwing Absent Quite Playing cards

This type of constant self-coaching will aid you throw away bullets like AK, QQ, and JJ preflop with greater ease.

It will also aid you make the right folds on hazardous flops with top pair or AA.

In no way overlook that you need to have to resist and not fall in enjoy with huge palms that can throw you off program from your objective – to make that EPT seat..

By focusing your consideration on the general goal in these tournaments, you will develop your art of qualifying to the maximum amount.

When I’m in great situation to qualify for my seat and have a “pretty” hand pre flop – 99-QQ, AQ and even AK depending on my position – my first reflex is not to worship my nice-seeking cards but to evaluate my opponents’ stacks or openers.

If their stacks are a lot more than half of mine, a call will probably support me steer clear of acquiring in a coin-flip predicament. 

If their stacks are scaled-down than that, that will probably give me some fold equity.

Of course many factors can come into play, but fundamentally I will look for greatest gain while reducing the chances of getting “an accident” too big to recuperate from.

Estimate Your Stack Measurement for All Feasible Eventualities

Just before I make my determination, I will not just admire my good cards.


Stack sizes are usually crucial.

I’ll determine my potential stack eventualities in scenario of a contact, a fold, if I’ll need to have to rebuild and even in the circumstance of a coin flip gained or dropped.

I believe about all of the different future stack situations to determine my proper choice. 

The framework hasn’t transformed however. It’s constantly the general strategy which dominates and which makes me inquire this query:

To what extent will the decision I make affect my chances of winning a seat?

I repeat this since too few players calculate and re-calculate the actual amount their chip stack will be after choosing one particular move or the other.

Key Takeaway:

“Thinking” in poker is not just hesitating – it’s calculating.

Comprehending the implications of all the various outcomes will often tell you the very best decision to make.

I really do not gamble on a coin toss, I really do not engage in the playing cards in accordance to a formulation.

I only strive to increase my chances to qualify!

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