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How to Qualify for the EPT: Beating the $22 Rebuy

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The $ 22 Rebuy EPT qualifier on PokerStars is a tricky event as there is only one particular or two EPT seats offered.

The purpose with this post is to give you the ideal chance for a return on your investment.

Step one: Comprehend the Different Areas of the Event

Initial action: Distinguish the two fully diverse parts of the event.

Element A: The Re-Purchase Period

The objective in the re-purchase stage is to survive as economically as attainable although at the same time developing a stack, small by little, to have ample chips for the increasing blinds.

The very last ten minutes ahead of the insert-on period, in reality, can be fairly pricey provided how quickly the blinds are growing.

At the beginning of the re-get time period, you can do a double re-buy to actually double your stack up to a entire twenty,000 if you have the possibility.

Lesson 6 shorthanded 8880

Get to the rebuy and 50 percent the subject is absent.

But, in the course of this period, you have to engage in quite economically – indicating no flips for five,000 or six,000 chips.

These won’t boost your probabilities of qualifying.

The only purpose – by no means to drop sight of – is to get to the add-on time period with out investing also significantly.

This is achieved by heading into a manner of enjoy which is a little bit uncommon – primarily you really don’t “play” poker for the duration of this period of time.

You “survive economically,” see extremely couple of flops and optimize your return if there is an opportunity.

When you are in the pre-include-on interval, you must only do a single re-get at a time … and then try to endure until you discover a flop that can quadruple you up.

Very first Reward of the Include-On Phase: Much less Gamers to Share the Money


You’ve manufactured it to the include-on phase, where fifty% of the players who started out the tournament have presently dropped out.

This is the first reward of this variety of qualifying match: the prize cash is now divided up between a significantly smaller sized team of gamers.

In the prolonged run, we can have a extremely good ROI in this match if we engage in into the include-on interval every single time.

In simple fact the genuine event doesn’t even start until finally the insert-on phase – and the variety a single advantage is that less players will share the general prize income.

Component B: The Insert-On Phase

The include-on is fifty,000 chips and each player now starts a new match where everybody has almost the same stack  – among fifty five,000 and one hundred,000+.

boeree pierre

Get the seat and Boeree awaits.

Also of observe below: there is often a couple of payout spots of €500 in these tournaments on leading of the sole winner of the qualifier.

So for a good return, observe out for this bubble ahead of having the risks you need to win the “winner takes all” part of the event.

In Summary:

Generally there are three components to the $ 22 re-buy tournaments:

one) The very first part, the place the aim is to get there at the incorporate-on phase, totally, but to get there as cheaply as attainable.

two) The second element is among the include-on phase and the money bubble (if there are additional payout spots) the place you can search to get a little return on your expense

3) The “winner takes all” stage when the payouts are achieved in which the true struggle for qualification starts

These demand a few diverse strategies completely relying on the time period.

If your common re-purchase expense stays about €240, this match is quite worthwhile if you get 1 in twelve.

Great luck!

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