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How to Qualify for the EPT: Climbing the Seven Steps

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From just learning the ropes in Phase A to successful it all in Stage G, the PokerStars Steps tournaments are a extended, fascinating route to the EPT.

You start with the digital newbies, grasping close to for the appropriate moves, and by the time you end in Phase G you happen to be going head-to-head with some of the ideal players in the globe.

To do properly in the Methods tournaments you must have a somewhat productive monitor document in SNGs.

You also want to have a great understanding of the changing rhythms necessary: of prudence in the very first levels to an aggressive end.

Climbing the Methods

The aim in these tournaments, naturally, is to climb your way up the ladder to the leading action.

Steadily, as you get nearer, you require to be sure to shell out consideration to the “programming” needed for the subsequent step.

When you’ve obtained your ticket for Phase F, notice in quantity and get a great deal of notes on the play of specialists.

But previously mentioned all, don’t hurry! To give yourself the best possibility to qualify, only pick the greatest moments.


Poker Stars and the seven methods.

Do not Get rid of Your Ticket

When you’re making an attempt to climb the Methods ladder, the very first goal is primarily to not drop your ticket to the degree you’re at.

Finishing in 3rd or fourth spot will typically reimburse your ticket for that stage and not drop you down to your previous stage.

If you really don’t get the initial time but complete third or fourth, you can perform a number of more occasions and give a lot more odds to, nicely, opportunity.

Your aim must then 1st be to not lose floor, which will then immediately multiply your odds of successful.

The 1st Stages to the Last 4

In brief, at any Stage degree: Stay away from any flips in the 1st phases, see flops quietly and only make modest bluffs to steal the pot.

You don’t want to put your self in any danger in this component of the tournament as you need to have to make the final four locations nine instances out of ten.

When you get to the ultimate 4 gamers, that is when the true qualifying starts and controlled danger-getting is vital.

At 4 players, you have to go seeking for chips so you will not be the short stack in opposition to the other gamers, who will very likely band together.

This is where you should not miss your probabilities.

You can’t find out every thing in a few strains, but if you have the opportunity to get to three players and there are only two winners… Well, right here is where I want to assist you guarantee your qualification.

So: Hands off the mouse. No reflexive or rapid moves. Use your time lender each time.

A Fast Spin Through the Math

You are at three players and there are two qualifiers. In other words and phrases, you have two possibilities in three to win (sixty six%).

The objective right here is only to further improve your chances, so really do not make any moves that increase your chance of a quicker elimination.

How? A flip with QQ in opposition to AK? Of course not!

This decreases your odds from basically sixty six% to fifty three% (your slight edge in the flip).

Have a great-searching AK in your hand and pondering about trapping your opponent who you will put all in with his JT?

Not excellent both, as your possibilities even now lower once more – you are only a 60% favorite there rather than sixty six%.

With your AK, you can even now entice even much better. See yourself beating his A2 with your AK?

Nevertheless no!

Your odds are indeed the precise identical at two out of three, but right here you are really initiatiing your opportunity to shed right now.

What About Aces?

Alright, so what about THE bomb? Happily, you look down and see AA.

elky pierre

At the finish of the measures, ElkY awaits.

Much better, but really don’t fail to remember that it is even now not a confirmed win.

That mentioned, sure, in that exact situation you boost you probabilities considerably from sixty six% to eighty% so your odds of profitable are higher.

But now, effectively, you’ve turn into informed of the hazards of poker. You can still shed twenty% of the time with aces.

Your Ideal Move is to Not Play

At a few players still left, your #one purpose is to get into the best place feasible … where you DO NOT Engage in!

This precise place is when the other two gamers have an all in and a contact between them. 

If they have equal stacks, this is the only second in poker in which you’ve increased your odds of profitable to infinity.

So wait around all you can, view the aggressiveness of your opponents and concentrate on the true objective.

This is your obssession: to stay in the tournament until the other two are all-in against every single other.

By focusing on this truth, you permit the other people run into each and every other and you multiply your possibilities of success.

Great luck!

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