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Team Fortress 2 Sam & Max Items:online poker stats

good poker statsShowing of ‘Max’s Severed Head’-hat, ‘The Big Kill’-Revolver and ‘The Lugermorph’-Pistol for Team Fortress 2. The weapons don’t have any special stats at all, they are like the normal Scout-pistol and Spy-Revolver – They are basically new skins. Every class can wear Max’s Severed Head, only Engineer and Scout can wear The Lugermorhp, and only the Spy can wear The Big Kill. Info: Before the Trading Update, the only way to recieve these Items were by buying the ‘Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse’-game before the 27th of April 2010. Now you can win the Lugermorph by defeating Max in ‘Poker Night’, or simply just player newspoker hands stats

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