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GUN [PS2] – Hunting Missions:poker tracker stats explained

check poker statsThere are several side-missions in GUN, all of which will increase some of your stats. It is rather essential to complete at least a few of these missions, as later missions will become more difficult than they should be if you ended up ignoring them. For these Hunting missions, your task is to kill an elusive animal; some of them are troublesome, others are just kind of hanging out in their spot. Their locations are never explicitly stated, so you have to go with the small clue that the Indian hunter gives Cole. While the game states to use your bow, you can use whatever weapon you want. You don’t get penalized much for using a different weapon anyway; you just get slightly less cash. If you’re more accustomed to the bow or whatever weapon you want to use, just use that respective weapon. The very last animal hunted here, the Grizzly bear, takes place in an actual mission scenario. For this one, you want to make sure that your horse stays alive; once its health runs low, the bear will run away. If your horse is dead, it WILL get away because it runs so fast. So be aware of that. For killing all of the animals, the Indian hunter gives Cole a shirt; as far as I know, you cannot actually see this shirt, nor can it be worn. So other than raising your stats and getting some extra cash, you don’t really get much for doing these missions. Well, there’s one last set of side-missions in GUN: the Poker Missions. See the Video Response to watch them.full tilt poker stat

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