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Scotty Nguyen Belligerent Drunk Montage:poker player

education of a poker playerScotty Nguyen’s infamous 2008 World Series of Poker $50000 HORSE Final Table drunken rampage. Classless. From Scotty’s ‘Apology’ “I would like to apologize to all my fans for the disappointment I have caused in the HORSE Event. For that I would like to express my sincerest apology. I would like to ask for understanding of what really took place. Keep in mind this was a five day event, with an almost fourteen hour final table that was reduced to two hours of air time including all the commercial breaks. With that being said, as you can imagine, more took place than what made the final cut for tv Last year’s Main Event I made the mistake of letting someone get under my skin, of which overtook my mental focus of the game, and cost me my tournament along with a lot of disappointment amongst my fans and peers. Since that time, it has haunted me and even now with the mistake that I made. As a professional, you always critique yourself to make yourself better, and in doing so you have to focus on the mistakes you make, in order to improve. This year, I needed redemption of my own 2007 Main Event demons to prove to myself that no one would get to me again. This tournament was too important for me, the trophy, the fifth bracelet, and history, my head was zoned in for this event, and for that time, I forgot the fans were watching me. I said things I shouldn’t have said that have disappointed you, and I apologize for my actions. All my life, there have been many many joan rivers poker player

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