Everest Poker Datamining Guide – Everest Hand Grabber:poker stats shark

 Everest Poker Datamining Guide   Everest Hand Grabber:poker stats shark

official poker statsGuide to datamining on Everest Poker using the Everest Hand Grabber. Video supplement to www.pokerdatamining.net . Datamining will get you a lot of hand histories where your opponents play, which can be imported into Holdem Manager or another pokertracker. This means that you will get much more reliable stats, which will improve your reads and as a result win more money, by making better decisions. While most people only use their datamined hand histories for stats, you can do much more. I personally like to use the table selection software from SpadeIT. It basically let you scan all the tables at a poker room and then highlight the ones were fish are sitting. Since you are winning the most of your money from bad players, becoming better at seeking them out, can significantly improve your winrate – Read more about SpadeIT here: www.pokerdatamining.net ), About Everest Poker: Everest Poker is the worlds 7th largest poker room, and are generally considered to have fairly bad players. I think of them as a good “middle road” between Pacific Poker and iPoker, both when it comes to the quality of the players and ease of use of the software. Until last month it wasn’t possible to datamine on Everest Poker, which means that there are relatively few people doing it. While this obviously isn’t going to last forever, I think there will be an adjustment period, where you will be able to get a pretty big advantage by datamining, simply because there are so few players who do it.internet poker player stats